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Ball Valve GMT 1/2"
gmt 29 Aug 2019

Ball Valve GMT 1/2"

Ball Valve
Rp 170.500 Min Order: 1
Automating Air Vent Valve GMT (body Besar)
gmt 23 Aug 2019
CALL Min Order: 1
2 Way Motorised Valve GMT
gmt 23 Aug 2019
CALL Min Order: 1

Daya Teknik, a company which focuses in providing materials for Air Conditioning Installations, LPG installations, Medical Gas Installations and Water Heating System Installations. Carefully managed by PT. Duta Tunggal.We guarantee you receive only the best quality products in Indonesia delivered to you in no time and totally hassle free.Our Customer's Success is Our Pride

We Sell: Pipa Tembaga,Perlengkapan Instalasi Gas Medis,Pressure Gauge,Perlengkapan Instalasi Pendingin/AC,Valve dan Regulator,Pressure Switch



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