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Water Electrolysis Test Equipment

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Last Updated 03 Feb 2020


Mitra Water

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Water ElectrolysisContact: Cv . Mitra Water  Tel: 031-5452872 Fax : 031-5355728 , Hp : 081234590404 , 03181118112 , 085733669931 , Pin Bb : 33215Ce3 Email : Marketing@Supplierfilterair.Com Website : Http://supplierfilterair.comMalang Branch : Jl . Candi Telaga Wangi No.48 Malang . HP : 08233334
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Product Details

Water Electrolysis

Contact: Cv . Mitra Water  Tel: 031-5452872 Fax : 031-5355728 , Hp : 081234590404 , 03181118112 , 085733669931 , Pin Bb : 33215Ce3 Email : Marketing@Supplierfilterair.Com Website : Http://
Malang Branch : Jl . Candi Telaga Wangi No.48 Malang . HP : 08233334224

Product Specifications :
In Theory Electrolysis Of Water Is The Decomposition Of The Compound Event Of Water ( H2o ) Into Oxygen ( O2 ) And Hydrogen Gas ( H2 ) By Using Electric Current Through The Water . At The Cathode , Two Water Molecules React With The Capture Of Two Electrons , Is Reduced To H2 Gas And Hidrokida Ions ( Oh - ) . Meanwhile, On The Anode , Two Other Water Molecules Break Down Into Oxygen Gas ( O2 ) , Release 4 H + Ions And Electrons Flow To The Cathode . Ions H + And Oh - Experienced Neutralization To Form Again A Few Water Molecules . The Overall Reaction Is Similar Electrolysis Of Water Can Be Written As Follows . Hydrogen And Oxygen Gas Produced From The Reaction Of Bubbles Formed On The Electrode And Can Be Collected . This Principle Is Then Used To Produce Hydrogen And Hydrogen Peroxide ( H2o2 ) Which Can Be Used As Fuel For Hydrogen Vehicles . We Sell Water Electrolysis Apparatus Is A Tool To Bring The Metal Content Of Particles ( Solute Elements ) Are Carried Away By Water And Not Visible To The Eye .
With The Help Of These Positive And Negative Electrodes Of Drinking Water Is Broken Down Into Positive Ions And Negative Ions So That The Oxygen Ions Will React ( Clicking - Oxidation ) Of Dissolved Metal Content In The Water So It Turns Into A Blob ( Coagulan ) And Give Rise To Specific Colors . The Assortment Of Colors Generated By The Electrolysis Process , Full Color Table Electrolysis Results As Listed Below . Indeed, The Elements That Are Dissolved In The Water May Be Minerals That Are Beneficial To The Body , Can Also Be A Content Of Metallic Elements That Can Cause Disease . The User Is Prompted For Electrolysis To Be Wary Of The Fact The Results Of Electrolysis . Still Need To Be Investigated Further In The Laboratory For Detailed Examination Of The Content Of Metallic Elements Dissolved Or Dissolved Mineral Content In The Water . Which Implies Greater ? If Mineral More Grateful , If The Metal Content Of More Careful And More Detailed Are Advised To Check The Laboratory . This Is Due To There Are Rules Regarding The Threshold Concentrations Of Metals Dissolved In The Drinking Water , If It Exceeds This Threshold Then The Risk To Health . Against This Mineral Matter We Are Advised To Utilize The Minerals That Come From Fruits And Vegetables Or Plants Or Of Different Types Of Foods That We Eat Everyday . Because Minerals From Fruits And Vegetables Or Foods Is More Easily Absorbed By The Human Body . This Is Because The Minerals Derived From Plants Have Undergone A Process Of Photosynthesis By Plants By Relying On Sunlight Energy ( In Layman's Language Has Been Cooked Up By Plants ) . While Mineral Water Is Derived From Organic And Inorganic Minerals From The Soil Are Dissolved By The Water Current In The Ground . Remember The Fact That Water Is A Universal Solvent That Perfect Where He Would Dissolve All In Its Path . If He Passes Chalky Soil ( Caco3 ) Then He Will Contain A Lot Of Calcium ( Ca ) . It Is True That Our Bodies Need Calcium For Bone Growth , But If We Want Our Bodies To Absorb Calcium From Limestone ? Of Course Not , Because The Lime Is Calcium From Inorganic Calcium That Is Not Ready To Be Absorbed By The Cells Of Our Body . Calcium Still Requires The Process Of Photosynthesis By Plants And Solar Energy As A Natural Process Carried Out By Plants . Plants Will Give Gift To Man Is The Result Of Photosynthesis In The Form Of Fruits And Vegetables Are Sweet And Delicious To Be Consumed By Us . This Is The Gift Of God Which Is Assigned To The Plant And The Results Of This Task Is Dedicated To Human , We Bersyukurkah ? ? Likewise, If The Water Flow In Soil That Contains A Lot Of Iron , Aluminum , Magnesium , Arsenic About Anything Dissolved In The Water ? ?

With This Knowing Whether We Still Want To Consume Water Directly Like This ? ? ? Of Course We Are Afraid Of It . But Again, God Is Not That Cruel To Man , He Gave Gifts To Men Again Form A Perfect Pair Of Kidneys In Filtering Drinking Water That Goes Into Our Bodies . The Kidneys Filter The Automatic Working Of Metals Is Useless And Discarded In The Form Of Urine Or Faeces . Then We Who Know The Process Inside And Outside The Body Will Allow The Kidneys To Continually Refine The Metal Impurities Are Not Useful Until Many Years ? Until When We Are Capable Of Filtering Kidneys Continue ? Then Why Are There People Who Are Sick Kidney Failure , Kidney Stones , Blockage Of Lime , Blood Vessel Blockage , Etc. ? What If Our Kidneys Are Already Sick , Can Not Filter Anymore ? Help Our Kidneys Task , Relieving The Filtering By The Kidneys , Reducing The Burden To Him, If We Want To Live Long . Arrange The Intake Of Drinking Water And The Food We Eat Everyday , Control That Goes Into Our Bodies . Recognizing The Importance Of Drinking Water Intake Is The Moh Ri Gives The Normal Threshold Content Of Each Metal May Be Dissolved In The Drinking Water . Summary Of The Regulation Of Ministry Of Health Can Be Seen Below . With The Help Of This Tool , Which Initially Seemed Clear Water Can Change Color
Be Orange , Black , Green Etc. Depending On The Level Of Dissolved Metal Content In The Water .
The Workings Of This Tool Is To Take 2 Glasses Of Different Water Source.
For Example 1 Cup Of Water From The Ro Water And One Cup Of Water And More Water Wells / Taps .
It Is Only Intended To Distinguish Between Two Different Water Sources
Dip 2 Electrode ( Iron And Aluminum ) Into 1 Cup Of Water Ro ( Approximately 5Cm Depth ) ,
And The Other Two Electrodes Into A Glass Of Water Well / Taps
Insert The Plug Into A Power Outlet , And Switch-On So That It Will Automatically Work Process Tools
At First Dipped In Water Has Not Changed , Wait Approximately 2 To 3 Minutes Until The Water Changes Color
Compare The Color Differences That Arise Between The Two Glasses , The Higher The Color Deepened Tds
Compare Also The Temperature Of Water After Going Through The Process Of Electrolysis Between The Two Glasses , The Higher The Temperature Hotter Tds
Prohibition Of Use :
Electrolysis Of Water Should Not Be Used To Measure The Fluid As Follows :
1 . Brackish Water Or Sea Water Or Salt Water Because It Will Cause Short Circuit
2 . Accu Water , Alcohol Or Methylated Spirit
3 . Type Of Water Or Other Liquids That Are Not Included In The Measurement Range Of The Instrument Specifications