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Product Details Kulit Pelapis Sofa

Leather Sofa UpholsteryWe Serve The Raw Materials And Raw Materials Mattress SofaSo that is not wrong, you need to know the type – the type of materialthe sofa upholstery.Speaking of structuring space, certainly not escape the talk about the existing furniture in it, especially the sofa. Whether an
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Leather Sofa Upholstery

We Serve The Raw Materials And Raw Materials Mattress Sofa

So that is not wrong, you need to know the type – the type of material the sofa upholstery .
Speaking of structuring space, certainly not escape the talk about the existing furniture in it, especially the sofa. Whether an order is a pretty interior is heavily dependent on the selection of the right sofa. Not just the shapes and models of settee just to note, the material pelapisnya commonly called by the name of upholstery are also worth a thought

An awful lot of sofa upholstery material types are available over the counter. But basically, the upholstery of the sofa is divided into two categories: namely upholstery from leather and fabric (fabric). Each categories consist of many types. For example, the leather upholstery is usually divided into genuine leather, suede and faux leather.

It's good you know first the nature of ingredients before purchasing a sofa or replace leather sofa, so that no wrong, as material considerations, below we present a variety of upholstery sofa complete with flaws and kelebihannnya.

It has a synthetic sofa upholstery durability high enough, but easily folded. Durability against water of low easy nenyerap oil. Usually this coating material combined with cotton or other materials.
This synthetic materials including materials that are durable, soft and gentle, quick dry if exposed to water, and more resistant to sunlight.
Because it is made of natural daribahan. cotton including materials that are cheap, easily found and comfortably occupied. Sayanganya cotton has a large pore porous – sehinggga is not very resistant to water and if treatment is not exactly easy to rotten and moldy. If you want to use this material, pehatikan density benanganya. The more tightly interwoven threads – benangnnya, the better its quality and durability.

The threads that make up the linen fabric comes from natural fibers, yet have strength 2-3 times dibandungkan cotton. Very soft but easily wrinkled and rather hot. If you want to wear this material, select a motive not mold, because linen could not absorb the printing ink is well assembled.
Chenille material that now most loved. Bahannnya very subtle, similar to knitting, and several types of material similar to corduroy. But kekurangaannya, this material is not water resistant and if exposed to tough stains removed.
This is the most popular synthetic materials. Popular for its long lasting, no easy RIP, and resistant to water.

Genuine Leather
A good leather taken from the back of the cows, which not many have the folds. The price is expensive comparable to durability. The skin has a durability of tertingggi, with an easier treatment than fabric upholstery material. And most people see is the luxurious appearance.
Microfibre suede and
The original Suede is the back of the skin, but has more texture than the hairy skin. Includes durable materials, but easily dirty. The price of the more expensive original suede, karenannya now there is a similar synthetic materials with suede microfibre, IE. Made of bahab polyester Microfibre, with a more affordable price.
Leather imitation or known by the name oscar is a lot of interest because it looks similar to genuine leather. The difference is, this material is easy to crack, and durability is not as good as the original skin. This material typically contains a mixture of rubber, and some are made of PVC.

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