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Temperature Calibrator SIKA Type TP M165S

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Product Details Temperature Calibrator SIKA Type TP M165S

 TechnicaldataTypeTP M 165 SControlsensorInternalMicroBathTemperaturerange*-35...165 °C-31...329 °FAccuracy±0.1 °C±0.18 °FStability±0.05 °C±0.09 °FMeasurementzone110...150 mm4.33...5.91 inBlockdimensions→ Diameter→ DepthØ 60 m
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Product Details


Technical data


TP M 165 S

Control sensor


Micro Bath

Temperature range*

-35...165 °C

-31...329 °F


±0.1 °C

±0.18 °F


±0.05 °C

±0.09 °F

Measurement zone

110...150 mm

4.33...5.91 in

Block dimensions

→ Diameter

→ Depth

Ø 60 mm

170 mm

Ø 2.36 in.

6.69 in.

Display unit


2-line, 4-digit display Red / green, unit °C / °F

Display range

-50...165 °C

-58...329 °F


0.01 °C between

-9.99...99.99 °C,

else 0.1 °C

0.01 °F between

-9.99...99.99 °F,

else 0.1 °F

General data

PC interface


RS232 or USB (optional)


→ Width

→ Height

→ Depth


210 mm

380 + 50 mm

300 mm


8.27 in

14.96 + 1.97 in

11.81 in


Approx. 12.5 kg

Approx. 27.56 lbs.

Power supply

100...240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz

Power consumption

Approx. 375 W

* At an ambient temperature of 20 °C / 68 °F

   Scope of delivery

  • Test certificate
  • Mains cable
  • Operating manual
  • Sensor basket, suction pump, transport cover
  • Magnetic stirrer with magnet lifter
  • Sensor lid with 5 silicone plugs


  • Calibration liquid
  • Transport case
  • Tube insert
  • PC software
  • PC cable
  • DAkkS certificate
  • Works certificate

SIKA Calibration and Monitoring Systems can be used everywhere, including on site in workshop, test and measurement room as well as laboratory. They cover a wide spectrum of industries with diverse applications.

Assembly and commissioning
Manufacturing and production
Care and service
Quality assurance and monitoring test equipment

Microwave function
The use of calibration fluid offers certain advantages if temperature sensors of unusual shape and size should be tested. The test item is immersed directly into the liquid without an insulating air gap, resulting in direct temperature contact between the calibrator and the specimen. Fluids, such as silicone oil, are selected depending on the required calibration temperature. Continuous adjustment of the magnetic stir bar along with removable sensor basket stirs the calibration fluid to create a large gauge zone. Furthermore, the sensor basket ensures uninterrupted stirring and helps to protect the tank floor.

Dry-block function
The optimum thermal clutch of blocks to test items is achieved with the correct adapter arm. Ideally, the internal diameter of the arm is 0.5 mm larger than the outer diameter of the test specimen. With the help of the adapter arm, the straight temperature sensor of almost any length and diameter can be calibrated. Dry block covers the entire temperature range without the need to change the calibration medium. Viscosity, flash point or outgassing no attention.

Black body function
A patented infrared calibration arm is used to calibrate the IR pyrometer or thermal imaging camera. Specific surface structures and asymmetric forms create a "cavity radiator" with an emission factor of 0.9994, preventing the reflection of interference radiation and emitting the required temperature in its ideal form. The pyrometer is only held at a distance determined above the measurement opening, thus forming the desired measurement area at the bottom for the calibration to be performed. The support base can be installed directly in the unit.