CV Darinsa Jaya - General Contractor Cvil & Building in Palangkaraya

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Jl. G Obos XII, Palangkaraya, Tembusan Yos Sudarso X, Palangkaraya Phone +6285292122000 | 05364215573
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We are a General Contractor and Supplier company in Palangkaraya city specializing in Government and Private projects especially in the city of Palangkarya and Central Kalimantan in general. We have good experience in handling strategic projects in the city of Palangkaraya and Central Kalimantan in general. We are doing espansi to handle projects throughout Indonesia if given trust by our customers. Our strong desire to build Indonesia in terms of development Infrastructure is good and good working system. for information related to our project and work as well as our job refrence please contact us or email | | 085292122000

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Country Origin : Indonesia
Last Updated : 31 May 2018
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