Building Material Shipping Services

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Country Origin : Indonesia
Last Updated : 26 Jul 2019
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Product Specification Building Material Shipping Services

Building Material Shipping Services

Cahaya Nusantara Express Delivery: Basic food, agricultural equipment, building materials for cars, motorcycles, and project goods / construction in Sumatra.

Cahaya Nusantara Express We also provide chartered trucks to certain cities and provinces.
Port to Door, Door to door
Serving Retail (LCL) and Amounts (FCL)

As a proof of professionalism in service, we have been trusted by various agencies and individuals both small and large scale in shipping our goods truly committed and oriented to client satisfaction.

We Cahaya Nusantara Express serve Freight Forwarding, expeditions in Surabaya, the cheapest expeditions in Surabaya, the best Surabaya expeditions, expeditions via land to Sumatra

One of the services of EXPEDITION services / freight forwarding services from SURABAYA The SUMATERA destination that we provide to our customers for the Surabaya area.

Surabaya - Lampung

Surabaya - Palembang

Surabaya - Bengkulu

Surabaya - Jambi

Surabaya - Pekanbaru

Surabaya - Medan

Surabaya - Aceh

Surabaya - Bangka

We Cahaya Nusantara Express will always provide the best service. As for cities for shipping in Sumatra

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