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Last Updated : 21 Mar 2019
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Product Specification Purification / Maintenance Transformator Oil

PT Yokomindo provides services in purification / treatment of transformer oil,

Then the question is why the oil should be treated?

Of course over time, the oil works in the transformer will experience a decrease in quality as well as oil in the engine of the car. Often the translucent voltage of a transformer smaller <50 KV occurs due to contamination such as Water, Productive Particle Dropping in oil. The presence of water in the oil will reduce the breakdown voltage and resistance of insulating oil type, and accelerate the damage of Insulating Paper (Insulating Paper)

Purification or Treatment is a process of purification of transformer oil isolation by using a tool called HIGH VACUUM OIL PURIFIER. This tool serves to remove the contents - Solid Particle, Water, Gas etc. in the isolation oil of the transformer by means of circulation.

The function of purification / treatment of oil on the transformer, among others, to:

Cleans dirt that has been mixed with oil, for example, peeling from the scrolls of transformers, dust, and other small particles
Eliminates moisture content
Eliminates carbon, dirt, sediment and other particulate elements
Increase the voltage through oil transformer standard PLN no. 49/1982,> 50 KV / 2.5 mm. And IEC 158 & 296 methods
Extend the oil age of the transformer and maximize the reliability of the transformer work
Align the new oil temperature with the temperature of the transformer to be replaced
As a tool for flushing or washing the transformer

Oil Transformer already in purification / treatment will make:

Increased performance of the transformer

Increase transformer oil break voltage.

Optimize the operation of the transformer.

The isolation resistance of the transformer is at least 50 KV / 2.5mm

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