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Country Origin : Indonesia
Last Updated : 14 Dec 2016
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Product Specification Truck 01

Transportation Services Division has a very important contribution in helping berbagias activity - aktivatas economy in the chain of national development. Truck Transport Services have different characteristics from the other public transport services. This is due to the services offered by the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtruck transport services is the transportation and delivery of goods.

Benefits of truck transportation services in a country that has a background in agriculture, such as Indonesia, it becomes very important especially for mengangakut and send products - agricultural products. The agricultural products have properties that many bulky and seized a very large volume. In addition, trucking services are also widely used by the manufacturing industry to transport materials that diperukan bauka by the manukfaktur industry or product manukfaktur produced. Therefore, the field of trucking services is part of the transportation system in totality, it is functioning in memberik contribution in improving perokonomian in a region.

- Terrain
- Field
- Pekanbaru
- Jambi
- Palembang
- Lampung
- Jakarta
- Bandung
- Surbaya
- Kaltim
- Kalbar
- Kalsel
- Palu
- Mamuju
- Morowali
- Makassar

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