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Buy PPE / Personal Protective Equipment the best brands at wholesale prices from distributors, suppliers, importers, factories or the biggest and most complete stores in Indonesia. As a means of self-protection from various risks of injury to parts of the body during workplace accidents, various types of PPE are very well used by workers inside and outside the factory or workshop and various other types of work that have a risk of injury. Because of the very importance of this body armor equipment, surely every person or company needs it. And to find and buy a variety of the best PPE at competitive prices from the best brands, you can directly buy the product directly from all the domestic or overseas seller or supplier companies that you can search for and find in now.

Types of Personal Protection and Security Devices Based on Their Categories

Before or after procurement, you should know in advance some references to the types and models of PPE and security tools that can be categorized based on their use or function, consider the following explanations:

1. PPE tools are divided into several categories such as safety helmets , gloves, safety clothing, buoys , safety shoes and various other types are used to protect themselves from various risks of mild, moderate and serious injuries when working on land, sea and air.

2. Security Tools consist of several types including security alarms such as theft alarm , fire alarms, alarms, fire extinguisher tools , road safety devices and various types and models based on their functions.

To get various types of body armor equipment from toe to head you can easily find it by simply making a request for procurement or direct supply of goods from all suppliers in Indotrading. You can submit requests for procurement or purchase of goods according to the type, model, brand or specifications of the items you want easily through RFQ Indotrading .